Here’s why you need a custom / bespoke website  design.

With the internet market expanding at the highest rate since the pandemic, many businesses are realizing that they are only as flexible and scalable as their website.

With millions of customers in the UK preferring online shopping to browsing on the high street, it’s critical to step up your online game and ensure you’re not missing out by relying on a pre-packaged solution. Therefore, with this in mind, why should you go with a custom website?

Prioritize what’s important to your business.

When you’re starting from scratch with a bespoke website, it can be difficult to put pen to paper to figure out what you need. The possibilities are unlimited, and Staxo can assist you through the process from initial concept to live deployment!

When deciding on the goals and priorities for your new website, we recommend asking yourself the following questions to help you get started:

  • Who are my users, and what are their requirements?
  • What are the most popular portions of my present website (as determined by Google analytics)?
  • What websites do I visit on a daily basis that I find useful, helpful, and simple to use, and are any of my competitors’ websites similar?
  • What is my best-selling product/service, and what do my customers frequently inquire about, either online or over the phone?
  • What are the five things I would change about my present website if I could?

Working with a Specialist Web Design Agency will provide you with years of coding and website process management skills. Web design and development teams will be able to analyze the pain points of your current website as well as the needs of your users to give advice on how to address these.

With the proper technical knowledge, you’ll acquire vital insight into how to build your next website, fulfill the demands of your clients, upsell, and accomplish your online goals to ensure your future site is lucrative!

Up your SEO Game

SEO is critical for all websites; learning how to play the game (and win!) with Google is critical for attracting organic visitors to your site and benefiting from the seemingly never-ending battle with each algorithm change.

Understanding how to execute and capitalize on SEO best practices is critical for staying one step ahead of the competition.

You may anticipate these steps and incorporate crucial features in your website’s backend that allow you to improve your content as much as feasible with a custom-built website. Joomla has various pre-built SEO measures that allow you to add keywords and provide meta descriptions to your content, but WordPress’ capabilities can be extended with the Yoast SEO plugin.

Many clients choose to incorporate custom areas into the backend of their new site before launch to increase SEO value, particularly for service-based locations that benefit from competing for keywords and targeting users based on various search criteria, which can be accomplished by incorporating custom development objects such as geo-location, variable URLs, and product prices.

Bespoke Websites open up a whole new level of design possibilities.

When it comes to developing an online brand presence, going custom is always a good idea; by avoiding off-the-shelf solutions and instead hiring a design professional, you will benefit from years of technical knowledge as well as industry-specific creative input.

Designers not only assist you in visualizing the appearance of your website, but they are also critical in determining what your site requires to fulfill its purpose to your users; their unique insight means that they can recommend an arsenal of responsive and functional solutions to get your website meeting your technical goals and redefining your customers’ experience.

Over the past decade, Staxo has been assisting customers in learning what is crucial for their brand and users. All of our web designers understand user experience (UX) and conversion, allowing you to make informed decisions about the structure and appearance of your site.

Checkout our previous projects here.

Website Security and Maintenance

The option to go bespoke gives you the ability to make informed decisions about the amount of protection your site will require. Whether you’re running a tiny brochure site to increase your brand’s online exposure or offering ecommerce options to your consumers, security is critical to preserving not just your brand’s perception but also the data kept on your site.

Our Web Designers at Staxo recommends and implements numerous methods to improve the overall security of your website, including firewalls, the option to black and whitelist users, and SSL delivery for all of our websites hosted with us. We also provide advanced technical and infrastructure services to improve your website’s security rating and ensure compliance with your industry’s compliance requirements and GDPR, such as security audits, penetration testing, and custom AWS server hosting with bespoke security measures and permissions to make your site impenetrable.

We also offer managed web hosting at decent rates to help you evaluate the amount of security you need to provide and achieve your commitments, such as PCI DSS compliance for ecommerce sites, ISO, and cloud hosting consultancy.

Protecting your users’ data and confidence should always be a top priority, and we can help you get there.

Make it future proof.

Selecting a custom build means that you will have complete control over the path of your website for years to come, whether that means improving the functionality of your website to benefit your visitors or expanding your business to offer new products and services.

When you choose a bespoke website, you will have more options for extending the capabilities and online infrastructure of your site to meet your needs, whether that is integrating with additional third-party services such as CRMs (CloudFlare, ZOHO, ActiveCampaign) or developing custom software such as product calculators and quote tools to upsell to your users. The possibilities are unlimited, and you’ll be happy for a website that is adaptable and adjustable in the future to meet the needs of your company!

Staxo creates websites that are scalable and personalized to your users and backend administrators. We also manage and maintain existing sites, keeping them up to date with the latest CMS updates and security releases to keep your users safe.

To begin your online adventure, contact our web design and development specialists to discuss whether a bespoke website is ideal for your company.