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As your digital partner, we are committed to staying up to date with the latest trends and technologies so that we can deliver the best results for you. Think digital. Think STAXO.

“Empower others through technology”



STAXO was founded over a decade ago. Based in London with a global footprint STAXO’s team includes website architects, designers, developers, and engineers along with a strong account and project management team.

STAXO helps organisations grow and increase efficiency. We achieve this through the creation of bespoke applications, websites and eCommerce then providing all the hosting, support maintenance our clients need to achieve success.

Our clients range from global brands to local SMEs. We truly get to know our clients, allowing us to develop strategies that achieve measured results. Our mission is to empower others through technology.



Over a decade ago, we had the vision and drive to help businesses like yours grow! That motto is the golden thread that binds every client project we take on today.

STAXO is a vibrant, London-based digital agency specialising in end-to-end solutions which help you, your business, your sales, and your people.

We increase sales, and we improve efficiency. We automate and integrate, and ultimately build digital transformation.

We create digital solutions that help our clients achieve their business goals. This includes website design, web development, branding, e-commerce, customised CRMs, reliable hosting, and support and maintenance.

We stand by the fully transparent ethos that keeps you informed every step of your project with us. Consider us as an extension of your team as you work with our specialists to achieve the best results.

Our focus is to deliver business-changing results for ambitious clients. Our goal is to provide innovative, connected, creative, and seamless customer journeys that attract targeted traffic and generate qualified leads.

We help you manage and improve your digital presence to meet your goals, so you can focus on running your business. Rather than just making it through, we want you to succeed daily!

  • Are your digital platforms outdated or simply not performing as they should?
  • Are you not seeing the results you want from your marketing efforts?
  • Are you concerned about how “future-ready” your business is?
  • Are you seeking a guided digital roadmap for your business?

We have the best of the best when it comes to our in-house designers and developers. Our team will work with you through a series of creative and technical workshops to determine your ultimate pain points and evaluate the best solution for your business.

We want your business to push forward, not stagnate, and succeed through our digital partnership.


A mentor once told us that trust could be compared to a bridge.

Why a bridge? Building a bridge takes time, and it’s not a quick process. It’s a journey that involves careful consideration from both sides, planning and preparation for what’s to come, and determination to meet in the middle. Sometimes this is done over raging rivers of external problems, but what is critical to the process is that the bridge is built piece by piece to find a solution for customers to travel over what was constructed between two sides.

Let’s build that trust bridge together, shall we?


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